The Workplace Health Report: 2024

The health and needs of our employees are evolving all the time. Similarly, the kind of support we should be providing can ebb and flow depending on age, gender, physical abilities, mental wellbeing and so much more.

Because of this, it can be hard to keep on top of what our people are feeling and what they require from their leaders. This is why we created our annual Workplace Health Report, with exclusive data from the Champion Health community.

This data reveals the true state of employee wellbeing from physical, mental, and financial health to energy levels and how supported they feel at work. These insights are crucial to building the foundations for when, where and how we care for our people.

Download our third annual Workplace Health Report for 2024 to discover new data, insights, and tips from leaders across employee and organisational health and wellbeing.

The Quick Read:

  • 47% of people with MSK pain say it impacts their productivity
  • Thoughts of suicide have increased by 44%
  • The number of men seeking mental health help has increased by 24%
  • 16-24 year olds are struggling most with their mental health, stress and financial wellbeing

Plus, learn what your organisation can do to support your people with insight from leading organisations like E.ON, EasyJet and Mental Health First Aid England.

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