The why behind Champion.

The reason why we care so much is down to one devastating story that shook the team.
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Our pledge is to make
wellbeing in the workplace:




Let’s make healthier easier, for everyone.

Meet our creators.

Harry Bliss

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Charlotte Heathcote

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Humphrey Emery

Clinical Lead

Laura Dallas

Wellbeing Lead

Prof. Jim Mckenna

Behavioural Scientist

Dr. Victoria Archbold

Behaviour Change Specialist

Dr. Steve Kellet

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Thomas Geeson-Brown

Performance Nutritionist

Dr. Hannah Greatwood


James Bauer

Fitness Instructor

Charlie Hodgson

Ex-England Rugby Player and Champion Ambassador

Sue Evans

Wellbeing Expert

Alexis Ranson

Pilates Instructor

Claire Simpson

HIIT Instructor

Dr. Jim Lee

Clinical Lead

Keri Bailey

Head of Activity

Binny Saandal

Yoga Instructor

Laura Clark

Registered Dietician

Jonathan Daniel


Jodie Hill

HR and D&I Specialist

Farah Govani

Head of Mindfulness

Dr. Sonia Hutton-Taylor

Burnout Lead

Donna Davies

Maternal Health Expert

Steve Phillip

Suicide Prevention Lead

Dr. Mariana Kaiseler


Caroline Turner

Neurodiversity Expert

Shaz Sacharmy


Oliver Whiteman


Lisa Hammond

Maternal Health Expert

Richard Allman

Behavioural Expert

Paddy Doran

Financial Wellbeing Lead

Ruth Bailey


Dr. Jackie Hargreaves


Jamie Broadley

Wellbeing Expert

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