Making healthier easier,
for everyone.

Placing employees in control of their wellbeing.
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Access wellbeing action plans.

Personalised to every member of your team. Take action to improve wellbeing inside and outside of work.

Train your body
and brain.

Workouts, mindfulness, nutrition plans and more – everything you need in one place. Better wellbeing through simplicity.

Your place for personal growth.

From best-selling authors to Olympians, get insight and advice from experts in all areas of wellbeing, performance and life.

Build and sustain new habits.

Positive progression that you can see. Track and monitor your wellbeing with check-ins and analytics.

The right support at the right time.

Get the right help when you need it. We integrate with your organisation’s solutions and NHS services, so you can access support seamlessly.

Sharing is

Every person in your organisation is supporting someone outside of work.
It’s been a tough time for everyone. To support every person in your organisation, share 3 exclusive passes with friends or family members at no extra cost.


Use surveys and assessments to better understand the health, morale and wellbeing of your people. Measure employee wellbeing and morale in the workplace to maximise the impact of your initiatives.

Seamless onboarding
& engagement

Reach more people across your organisation with a platform that drives 10x the engagement of other providers.

Wellbeing strategy

Develop your evidence-based wellbeing strategy with tailored support from our experts.

Mental health training
for managers

Upskill management in how to support your most valuable asset, your people.

See it for yourself.

Frequent Questions

Our platform comes in three packages: Core, Pro and Premium. These packages differ in terms of price and the features available. Book a demo and one of our Champions can run you through each option and find the one that’s right for you.
We have an average engagement rate that is 10x greater than standard workplace health providers. This is for multiple reasons, including a seamless onboarding process, customised campaigns, go live webinars, and last but not least, an attractive platform that employees engage with daily.
We want to keep this concise, but there’s a lot that makes us different. We cover all areas of wellbeing. We personalise the journey to every unique human being. We have engagement that is 10x greater than standard workplace health providers. We enable leaders to make data-driven decisions. We accommodate every individual, no matter what their health needs and wants. We provide tailored health reports that include personalised action plans. We make healthier easier than it’s ever been.
If you are looking to take your organisation’s wellbeing strategy to the next level, book a demo and let’s talk wellbeing! No awkwardly forced sales pitches, we’ll just have an informal chat and take you through the platform.
The expert-led team behind Champion is comprised of 50+ health professionals that cover all aspects of wellbeing. We’ve utilised the knowledge of professors in behavioural science, to mental health academics, to GPs and so many more. The result is a market-leading platform, guided by the latest validated research.
Our health assessment takes into account stress levels, nutrition, sleep, physical health, mental health and more. Leaders can gain anonymised data to better assess, understand and measure employee health and wellbeing.