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Enable your people to share Champion Health with up to three loved ones. Because everyone is caring for someone.

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Empower your people to share three additional accounts with those they love. It’s workplace wellbeing beyond the workplace.

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Frequent Questions

Friends & Family enables employees (authorised users) to gift platform access to one, two or three people. Authorised users are employees of an organisation that has paid for and rolled out the Champion Health platform. As authorised users, your employees can invite others to create an account via the side menu on the platform.

This one is up to your employees. You – and your employees – can invite anyone. The only requirement is that they’re over the age of 16. They do not need to be employed by an organisation.

Friends & Family users gain access to everything that employees have access to – excluding the Leadership Hub.

Invite someone you care about, and they’ll get access to digital health assessments, personalised health reports, tailored action plans and more.

Yes, Friends & Family is free. There is no additional cost to you or your users.

You and your loved ones can utilise the Champion Health platform for as long as we’re partnered with your organisation. If you have Champion Health, you have Friends & Family access.

All data is encrypted, anonymised and stored securely. Only Friends & Family users can see their personal data within their account and their data does not contribute to an aggregated organisational report. We never sell personal details on. For more details, check out our privacy policy and terms of use.

Put simply: Yes!

We know everyone is caring for someone, no more so than the people rolling out the Champion Health platform within their organisation.

So, whatever your position in the organisation, you can share the platform with those you care about.