Harry Bliss

Co-founder and CEO at Champion Health

Harry is the CEO and co-founder of Champion Health. In 2018, he set out on a mission to make healthier easier, for everyone. Since then, he has worked towards making wellbeing inclusive, engaging and accessible for the people that power leading organisations.

Harry’s story

Six months into Champion Health’s journey, Harry received a call. His friend and mentor had taken his own life, due to a short but acute bout of workplace stress.

Everything changed for Harry at that point. Champion Health went from something he wanted to work to something he needed to work.

Since then, Harry has been driven by a mission to prevent more tragedies like the one that touched him so personally – and this drive has translated into life-changing work.

Leading workplace health

Harry’s drive, authenticity and expertise have led to him becoming a notable name in the workplace health space.

He has hosted workplace wellbeing panel discussions with the likes of Olympic Gold medallist Kate French and Karl Simons OBE.

He’s also worked with organisations, like the NHS, SITA and Benefex, delivering talks on topics from workplace wellbeing strategies to mental health training.


In 2021, Harry was recognised for his leadership upon achieving the Young Leader award at the Northern Leadership Awards.

Harry has also received other nominations and awards, including:

  • Inspirational Story – Mental Health and Wellbeing Awards
  • Social Entrepreneur’s Ones to Watch 2020
  • Entrepreneur – Yorkshire Post Excellence in Business (Nominee)

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