Dr Richard Heron

Chief Health Officer and Former VP and CHO at BP

Dr Richard Heron is a member of Champion Health’s Global Wellbeing Advisory Board and Former Vice President Health and Chief Medical Officer at BP.

Before becoming an Independent Chief Health Officer and consultant on work and health, Dr Richard Heron worked as the Vice President Health and Chief Medical Officer at BP.

For over 15 years, Richard led BP’s gloabl health agenda. In this role he was responsible for the strategic development of the group’s health agenda, including employee wellbeing, occupational health, hygiene and public health.

He has held prior health, safety, and risk management leadership roles with AstraZeneca.

Dr Richard Heron specialises in occupational medicine and international business and health. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and also a Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine UK.

Currently, Dr Richard Heron sits on Champion Health’s Global Wellbeing Advisory Board. He assumed this role in 2022.

Now consulting, Richard is co-chair of IOMSC, an association of 47 National OH Societies, representing 70% of the world’s workers. He is on the NHS Expert Advisory Group for employee health and wellbeing, and the UK National Wellbeing Forum.

Richard is also an honorary professorial fellow of International Business and Health, University of Nottingham. His specialist interests include leadership, health, work and organisations, and work-related mental health.

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