Clyde & Co launch Champion Health

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Global law firm Clyde & Co just launched Champion Health to prioritise the wellbeing of their 4,000 people and partners.

Clyde & Co value the people that make up their business. And it’s this commitment that helps to make them a leading global law firm.

“A law firm is literally nothing other than its people,” summarises Lee Bacon, Partner and Management Board member at Clyde & Co.

With 4,000 professionals, operating from over 50 offices across six continents, Clyde & Co has developed a team capable of providing a complete service to clients across the globe.

To ensure that their excellent standard of client service continues, the leaders at Clyde & Co are dedicated to helping each one of their people fulfil their highest potential.

“Client demands won’t go away and our industry isn’t getting less competitive. We have to stay on top of our game to maintain our position in the market.

“We have to balance the demands that our people are placed under with making sure that we provide an environment and tools that can help them deal with those stresses and strains,” says Matthew Kelsall, CEO at Clyde & Co.

To support their people and maintain their position in the competitive legal sector (Matthew would testify to that), Clyde & Co searched for an innovative, tech-driven workplace health solution that:

  • Unites all areas of wellbeing under one roof
  • Gives employees personalised wellbeing action plans
  • Is accessible to their global team at any time

As Lee says, “a one-size-fits-all approach to wellbeing doesn’t work. We were looking for a workplace health platform that put unique wellbeing solutions in the hands of each individual.”

So, with all the evidence pointing towards success, Clyde & Co launched Champion Health.

an image showing an employee at Clyde & Co

Calling Champion Health to the stand

By partnering with Champion, Clyde & Co’s people are now diving into the “Netflix of Wellbeing”, a personalised platform to improve wellbeing (accessible anywhere on app or desktop).

After completing their digital health assessment, each of Clyde & Co’s people and partners will explore a personalised health report as they learn how to improve their wellbeing – or sustain healthy habits.

“At the touch of a button, every person at Clyde & Co can access a report which feels very bespoke and very individual to them, with all of the guidance and support they need to either maintain their wellbeing, or to get to a point where they are well,” testifies Emma Stephenson, Director of Partner Relations.

“It’s the whole broad spectrum of wellbeing under one roof, it’s easily accessible and it’s something that people can dip in and out of as they see fit. So, from our perspective it’s a perfect product,” adds Matthew.

While Clyde & Co’s people are taking steps to improve their health, their designated Wellbeing Lead from Champion Health will also be on the case. Wellbeing is not just a “tick box” and the leadership team at Clyde & Co will be supported every step of the way.

a picture showing the Champion Health app

Workplace wellbeing beyond the workplace

Clyde & Co’s leadership team believe that supporting employee wellbeing means thinking beyond the workplace.

“We’re very keen to be seen as an employer that cares for its people inside the office and to the extent possible outside the office,” says Matthew.

That’s why Mathew and the leadership team are extending access to the “Netflix of Wellbeing” to the people their employees care about.

“Champion’s Friends & Family feature appealed to us, and to me particularly. The ability to gift access to the system to three friends and family – I think that’s really quite exciting,” says Emma.

For employees at Clyde & Co, the Friends & Family feature means they can share their access with three loved ones.

This gives them the opportunity to support the people they care about with personalised health reports, tailored action plans, wellbeing masterclasses, workouts, mindfulness and image showing a Champion Health user

On the case with employee wellbeing

Working closely with their Champion Health Wellbeing Lead, Clyde & Co has already implemented a tailored engagement strategy, getting Champion’s platform into as many hands as possible and laying the foundations for a measurable improvement to employee wellbeing.

With support from Champion, Clyde & Co has already launched effective engagement-driving initiatives:

  • Placing a QR access code on to every employee’s screensaver
  • Integrating signposting into Clyde & Co’s internal communications
  • Working with their Wellbeing Lead to create bespoke resources, including personalised video content (like the video in this article)

With an exciting new partnership in place, and the “Netflix of Wellbeing” accessible anywhere (and at any time) to their people and partners, Clyde & Co is on the case with employee wellbeing.

As Matthew says, “We’re very keen to create that sense of belonging within the firm – that people feel that this is somewhere they can feel very comfortable coming to work. That’s a continual journey we’re on and Champion’s platform is a very exciting part of that.”

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