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A personalized, proactive platform to support every employee’s wellbeing.
Access all areas of wellbeing, performance and life.

Data-driven decisions for leaders.

No more guesswork. Actionable insights that build your data-driven health & wellbeing strategy.

Workplace health, joined up.

We’re here to complement your existing efforts.
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With your existing EAPs
For employees


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Frequent Questions

Engagement is at the heart of what we do. Our members have 10x the engagement of standard workplace health programmes. The combination of personalised onboarding for every organisation and the positive progression that users see results in rapid engagement with our platform. Considering the current issues with low engagement in the workplace health arena, this is something that we’re extremely proud of.
We understand you’ve worked hard to create your wellbeing initiatives, and potentially have an EAP, Mental Health First Aiders and more in place already. The Champion platform does not replace these, but instead integrates with them to supercharge your wellbeing strategy, and increase engagement with your current services.
Every user can share access to the platform with three friends or family members. This is at no extra cost, we just want to extend our impact.
We take data privacy seriously. We never sell any data, we never share personal user information with their employer, and all data is aggregated and anonymised. Read our terms of use and privacy policy for more information.

Each employee has different wants and needs, and our employee wellbeing platform personalises to suit all of them. We cover every area of wellbeing, performance and life. Topics include mental wellbeing, sleep, parenting, financial health, physical activity, women’s health, men’s health, productivity and much more.

Our platform comes in three packages: Core, Pro and Premium. These packages differ in terms of price and the features available. Payment is worked out on a price per employee basis, and fees are paid annually in advance. Book a demo and one of our Champions can run you through all of this, and find the option that’s right for you.