A unique service, for your unique business.

There are 15 unique reasons why you should partner with us.

Engagement: We have shown an engagement rate of 75% for our health assessment tool.

Return on investment: Our services have been priced with an anticipated return on investment of 900 (McDaid et al., 2012).

Proactive not reactive: Our approach is prevention and early intervention. This is the most effective formula for successful workplace health programmes.

Scalable solutions: Our Digital Wellbeing Platform enables large organisations to offer workplace health solutions to all employees, not just the Directors.

Data-driven decisions: All of your workplace health decisions can be based on high-level management information found in your company health report.

Immediate health reports: After the employee completes their health assessment, they can access their health report immediately.

More than mental health: Peak health requires optimal mental, physical and lifestyle health. That’s why we focus on all areas.

Our team: Our team is a unique blend of tech entrepreneurs, health specialists and research academics.

1 in 1, not 1 in 100: Our Online Mental Health Training course is able to train 100% of the workforce, in a time-efficient manner.

A solution to any problem: We can offer a solution to any health problems that arise. We don’t leave you out in the cold.

Sustainability: Employee health and wellbeing is not a one-off. It can also change very quickly. Therefore, we deliver health assessments every 6-months.

Collaboration: We work with the organisation’s current occupational health provider and EAPs to offer a unified approach to workplace health.

Branded solutions: Our digital solutions can be white-labelled or co-branded to enhance your internal brand.

The Energy Calculator™: We have created a world first, The Energy CalculatorTM. Through a complex algorithm, we can assess how well employees are optimising their energy levels.

Workplace health, and only workplace health: Many ‘workplace health’ companies have priorities elsewhere, such as insurance, cash plans and private hospitals. We only do workplace health, and we do it well.

Join the future of workplace health