Earlier in the spring we launched our free online mental health training platform for students; UNIHEADS.

Right now, students are in need of innovative and proactive digital wellbeing solutions more than ever. Student mental health problems continue to rise exponentially in the UK. Today’s 18-25 y/o report the lowest levels of life satisfaction and tragically, 1 student takes their own life every 4 days.

One life lost is one too many. Which is why, as part of corporate social responsibility, we created UNIHEADS and have made it freely available to every student.

In line with all our services, we developed UNIHEADS alongside GPs, health experts, tech gurus and most importantly…students. Our cutting-edge platform empowers every student with the knowledge & skills to optimise their own mental health, build resilience and support their friends.

Crucially, we built the platform with colleges and universities in mind. UNIHEADS is designed to scale quickly and run alongside (rather than replace) any current student support service that is already in place. Helping enhance reach, engagement, awareness and access. We achieve this by tailoring content and signposting the services bespoke to every institution that we support. In addition, powerful analytics tools ensure that the impacts of our service can be measured, reported and deliver data-driven insights for providers.

Already, we are making a big difference. Since launching in March we have been able to provide platform access to over 100,000 students from 25 UK colleges, universities and accommodation providers.

You can find out more by visiting our product website www.uniheads.co.uk/providers

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We are committed to bringing everyone together for students.