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General Statistics

Poor sleep costs UK businesses £40bn a year

(RAND., 2016)

Employees 1/3 of their adult life at work

(World Health Organisation., 2018)

Workplace mental health programmes average a return on investment of 420%

(Deloitte., 2017)

Mental Health Statistics

Mental health problems cost UK businesses £39.4bn a year

(Centre for Mental Health., 2017)

Mental health training to staff has shown a 998% return on investment

(Deloitte., 2017)

Only 25% of people with mental health problems receive access to the treatment they need

(LSE., 2012)

Lifestyle Health Statistics

An unhealthy diet can decrease productivity by as much as 66%

(Brigham Young University., 2012)

Sleeping poorly 1-2 nights per week increases the risk of absence by 171%

(Azor & Grander., 2016)

Sleeping poorly every night increases the risk of absence by 1,152%

(Azor & Grander., 2016)

MSK Health Statistics

469,000 workers suffer from work-related MSK disorders

(Labour Force Survey., 2018)

30.8 million days are lost due to MSK disorders

Workplace physiotherapy can provide a £20 return for every £1 spent

(Fitback., 2018)

Physical Health Statistics

Cardiovascular disease is the 2nd highest cause of death in the UK

(Townsend et al., 2015)

80% of the cases of heart disease and strokes are preventable

(Spring, Moller and Coons., 2012)

‘Premature death’ from CVD costs UK businesses £4.31bn a year

(Centre for Economics and Business Research., 2014)

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