How we do it.

Based upon robust research, Champion Health have developed a simple 4-step workplace health programme that is integrated seamlessly.



At first, we record the health of your workforce.

Online Health Assessment

Simple & Powerful

Effective workplace health programme start with a health assessment. Either through our bronze, silver or gold packages, your team are able to gain insight around their health and wellbeing.

This is able to measure the health of your workforce at scale, providing your team and your company with personalised health reports.

*All of the information in the company report is anonymised and confidential.
**All of the data is stored with maximum security.

This gives your organisation the ability to make data-driven decisions as to where to invest your time and resources.



We produce personalised employee and company health reports.

Employee Health Report

Personalised & Secure

Immediately after completing the health assessment each employee receives their personalised health report. This provides them with detailed understanding of the status of their health & wellbeing.

Employer Health Report


Your organisation receive an anonymised and confidential health report. This can be broken down departmentally in larger companies. On the back of this, data-driven decisions can be made in response to the needs of your workforce.



Take Action
We resolve any issues that arise within the company report.
This is where the return on investment is maximised.

Online Mental Health Training

Designed by experienced mental health professionals, our CPD accredited Online Mental Health Training course aims to train 100% of your workforce in mental health.

Unlike other forms of mental health training, this course is time efficient (lasting 1 hour) and cost-effective.

Seminars, Courses & Keynotes

Delivered by health professionals, our seminars, courses and keynotes empower employees to lead healthy lives.

Our delivery approach is different to most, by relating everything to… you.


Through our musculoskeletal provider, Fitback, a range of physiotherapy treatments from onsite to online can be delivered.

‘In-house’ physiotherapy delivers multiple benefits, such as saving employees time and preventing absence.



We reassess the health of your workforce, to measure effectiveness.

Join the future of workplace health