A Happy HR.

Champion Health can bring your HR department a multitude of benefits.

Many HR KPIs are attributable to employee wellbeing. Not only would improving the health of your workforce reduce the HR workload, you will also meet standard HR KPIs.

Absence rates: Proactive workplace health strategies can sustainably reduce absenteeism.

Employee productivity rate: Employee wellbeing directly correlates with performance at work.

Employee satisfaction index: Helping keep employees healthy will result in them being happier at work..

Employee innovation index: Health is strongly associated with cognitive functions such as creativity. (Pot., 2017) 

Internal promotion rate: It’s simple: Optimise health → improve performance → increase internal promotion rate.

Quality of hire: A strong health and wellbeing presence is now required to attract the best talent.

Turnover rate: High staff turnover correlates with poor employee wellbeing, irrespective of whether the organisation is responsible for that.

90-day quit rate: Employees will leave posts very quickly if they can see they aren’t going to be looked after.

Reduce your workload, improve your outcomes.

Join the future of workplace health