Labelled by Benefex as one of [their] most talked-about sessions, our co-founder Harry Bliss was welcomed on stage at their latest Forum event to deliver a talk on mental health at work. Following this, Benefex took the opportunity to sit down with Harry to ask further questions about mental health and how data can support employee wellbeing schemes.

Benefex wrote in their press release:

“Harry shared some personal, painful stories and hard-hitting statistics to highlight the real struggles of those suffering with poor mental health.

His company, Champion Health, survey employees, and design employee risk assessments and reports to help employers know when to intervene – and how – if an employee’s mental health is at risk, or if they’re already in a difficult place.”

In this Q&A, Harry was able to share his thoughts on this incredibly important area of discussion. You can read the full Q&A here.

Update: Benefex has now officially partnered with Champion Health. Read the full Benefex and Champion Health partnership announcement.