Laura is one of the most recent champions to join our team. She has a background in psychology and mental health, having worked as an Assistant Psychologist in London for several years. As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we sat down (virtually!) with Laura and asked what her experience of Champion Health has been like so far.

Why did you want to join Champion Health?

“I’m a psychology-geek by nature and have been curious about the human mind for as long as I can remember. I first decided that I wanted to specialise in mental health during the second year of my degree, and this ultimately set me on the path to helping people with mental health difficulties.

Fast forward 8 years and an old school friend introduced me to Harry Bliss, the founder of Champion Health. When I heard about Harry’s story and his mission, I just couldn’t say no. I’ve seen first-hand how poor the traditional Employee Assistance Programmes can be, and I knew that the solutions developed by Harry and his expert-led team had the potential to change and save lives”.

How have you found working for Champion Health so far?

“Well, it’s been a little different from my previous experience of starting a new job! My first day was also the first day of lockdown (23rd March), and so every working day has been a virtual one so far. Despite the strange circumstances, I’ve never felt so welcome and integrated into a team as I have done at Champion Health. The guys are great and they inspire me to work better and harder everyday. I feel very lucky to have been accepted into their Champion club!”

What do you hope to bring to Champion Health?

“I hope my clinical knowledge and experience will compliment the team’s expertise, so we can work together to create effective wellbeing solutions. I love a challenge and I’m ready to get stuck into anything, so throw it at me Harry!”

What’s your one top tip for better mental health?

“It’s hard to choose just one, but for me it’s giving yourself the permission to do something you love. It could be something small like reading a book, something bigger like going for a run, or something new altogether. I actually took up gardening last year and I’m really enjoying it. I love being out in nature and the peacefulness that comes with it is so beneficial for my mental health. And the vegetables at the end are just a bonus!

We can often get so bogged down with the stresses of work that we forget to notice the beauty of life. Taking it slow and enjoying the moment can make all the difference.”