Joe Pindar

Joe Pindar

Content Lead at Champion Health

Joe’s role at Champion Health is to create content that makes the platform sing.

Joe’s experiences with mental health at university gave him a very clear career aspiration: to work for a mission-led company that helps people with their mental wellbeing.

In pursuit of that goal, alongside completing a Masters conversion course in psychology, Joe was on the lookout for an organisation who he genuinely felt was making a difference to people’s lives.

Midway through 2020, he found just such a company, and joined Champion Health on a 6-month internship. During that time, he supported with the innovation of the “Netflix of Wellbeing”. His role mainly consisted of creating content for the platform.

When the internship ended, Joe joined the team full-time, in the role of Wellbeing Executive, where he continued to create content for product and marketing purposes.

In 2021, Joe progressed into the role of Content Lead, where he leads on a range of product and marketing content for Champion Health.

Joe’s role is to create content that makes the platform sing, while also spreading the message about the amazing work Champion’s platform is doing. He is also heavily involved Champion’s flagship reports, and continues to assist with the development of the platform.

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