Dr Vikki Barnes

Global Wellbeing Advisory Board Member and Founder

Vikki is the founder of Positive Wellbeing, an organisational wellbeing consultancy offering proactive, preventative mental health strategies and programmes.

Vikki has designed leading national wellbeing programmes, holds 10 years’ experience working within the NHS and has wowed some of the country’s top entrepreneurs with what can be achieved with wellbeing – including Sir Richard Branson. She is also the founder of Positive Wellbeing, an organisational wellbeing consultancy business.

Vikki is a Doctor of clinical psychology, working with a wide range of private, public and corporate industries as their organisational consultant for happiness and wellbeing. She’s also an expert in positive psychology and published author.

With over 10 years of NHS experience, she has provided mental health interventions and education to patients and staff in a variety of services. She’s even designed and led a national wellbeing programme with Virgin, working alongside leaders and executives, embedding effective practices into company strategy and ethos, with sustained, outstanding results. And in 2018, Vikki worked in the British Virgin Islands with Sir Richard Branson, to set up a mental health service for survivors following hurricane Irma.

Vikki founded ‘Positive Wellbeing’ in 2019, a business that focuses on proactive and preventative strategies top organisations, enabling them to create long-lasting, successful cultures by putting the health of people first.

Vikki is also a member of the Champion Health Global Wellbeing Advisory Board. She assumed this role in 2022.

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