Leaders, managers and organisations have spent the better part of the last 18 months helping their teams adjust to new normal after new normal.

The next significant change to manage will be the re-opening of offices.

While many will be relieved at another step towards “normality”, there will be others who are apprehensive about adjusting back to an office environment.

This makes it a vital time for organisations to work with their employees to determine the best way forward, with wellbeing at the forefront.

Learn how to do just that in this free guide: Employee Wellbeing: Responding Proactively to the Pandemic. Download it below.

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We’ve worked with experts to provide actionable advice to help managers, leaders and organisations support their teams as they navigate this ever-changing situation.

Special thanks to all of the experts that provided their insight for this guide, including:

  • Gethin Nadin – Director, Employee Wellbeing at Benefex
  • Jamie Broadley – Staff Wellbeing Lead at Derbyshire Community Health Service
  • Anne-Marie Russell – Wellbeing and Inclusion Consultant at ACCA
  • Andy Martin – Author and Teacher
  • Adam Johnston – Wellbeing Programme Lead North East Lincolnshire Council
  • Chelsea Peek – Head of People at CCM Group
  • Stuart Mace – Partner at The Circle Line
  • Manon Ballantine – Practice Manager at Lynne Fernandes Optometrist