Today we’re announcing Champion Health’s partnership with R;pple Suicide Prevention, which will see both organisations work together to improve mental health and reduce the incidence of suicide – inside and outside of the workplace.

R;pple is an online tool built to present a visual prompt when users search words or phrases online that express intent of self-harm or suicide.

Founded by Alice Hendy after losing her brother to suicide, R;pple is now expanding its services and partnering with mission-led organisations and charities across the globe.

The partnership will see R;pple Suicide Prevention highlighted within the Champion Health platform, signposting users to the charity.

As an active voice in mental health, Champion Health’s story is also tragically tied into suicide. Recently, the organisation’s Head of Mission, Steve Phillip, has been spotlighted in the media for his courageous work in suicide prevention.

Alice Hendy, Founder of R;pple describes her story with Champion:

“After setting up a call to learn more about Champion, I was hugely impressed and it became very apparent that the team share the same passions as I do.

“Mental health and wellbeing is a topic close to my heart following the loss of my brother to suicide in November 2020. Champion are pushing workplace wellbeing to the front of mind and I love how easy the dashboard is to use to assess and monitor my wellbeing.

“For me, this is a game-changer and should be compulsory for all workplaces to adopt. People are the most important part of any business, we should all be doing our bit to look after them as well as ourselves, and Champion can help do both.”

Champion Health’s co-founder and CEO, Harry Bliss, said:

“My personal story is closely tied to suicide prevention, having lost a friend and mentor after a short bout of workplace stress.

“That tragedy galvanised myself and the team – much like how Alice, after losing her brother Josh, founded R;pple to drive positive change.”

“We’re extremely proud to be able to partner with R;pple and work together to reduce suicide and promote positive mental health.”

Who are R;pple?

Alice Hendy founded R;pple after losing her only sibling, Josh, to suicide at 21 years old.

Alice realised that Josh had been researching techniques to take his own life via harmful internet searches. With that in mind, R;pple Suicide Prevention aims to to ensure more help and support is given to individuals searching for harmful content online.

R;pple is an online tool built to present a visual prompt when users search harmful keywords or phrase – any words or terminology identified as displaying potentially damaging online content.

Who are Champion Health?

Champion Health is a market-leading health and wellbeing solution provider, aiming to drive employee engagement with wellbeing initiatives by making healthier, easier.

The organisation provides data-driven health and wellbeing solutions, tailored to each individual employee.

Founded in 2018, the company draws on the expertise of over 55 health experts, to cover all areas of wellbeing.