We’re excited to announce England Athletics, the governing body for athletics, has chosen Champion Health to support their employee wellbeing.

As a result, England Athletic’s employees will now have access to Champion’s “Netflix of Wellbeing” platform, giving them the personalised support they need to proactively improve their health.

“The breadth and diversity of the Champion Health platform is something that really appealed to me.

“We need to create an environment where people feel empowered, trusted, supported and given the bandwidth and flexibility to produce their best.

“That’s why investment in Champion Health is so important,” adds Chris Jones, Chief Executive of England Athletics.

CEO and co-founder of Champion Health, Harry Bliss, added: “It’s fantastic to see a leader with such a passion for wellbeing. In fact I think Chris and the team at England Athletics are just as passionate as me! 

“We all have hurdles to overcome in our life, so we need support throughout. Now, the race is on and the team at England Athletics will take control of their wellbeing – starting with their unique health report.

“I’m looking forward to our journey together as we make healthier easier. After all, it’s a marathon not a sprint.”

The platform covers all areas of wellbeing: including nutrition, physical health, mental health, sleep and more.

What’s more, the organisation’s leaders will gain access to the actionable insights they need to build their data driven wellbeing strategy.

The team at Champion Health is excited to work alongside England Athletics to support their people. Welcome aboard.