Market-leading health and wellbeing provider partners with award-winning psychological healthcare company, to drive world-class wellbeing solutions. 

Today we’re announcing the parnership between CBT Clinics and Champion Health, which will see both organisations work together to provide unrivalled workplace health initiatives for organisations across the UK. By combining the data-driven insights that Champion offer with the cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and expert-led training provided by CBT Clinics, this partnership will allow for effective wellbeing solutions and therapy to be offered quickly and seamlessly to organisations’ employees.

Champion Health’s research shows that 26% of employees experienced moderate-severe symptoms of depression in 2020, and 69% experienced moderate to high levels of stress in general. There is a clear prevalence of poor mental health outcomes within workforces, but engagement with workplace health initiatives is low.

CBT Clinics and Champion Health

Poor employee wellbeing is making it impossible for businesses to perform at their peak, and the shortcomings of current wellbeing initiatives are preventing employers from being able to proactively support their staff. The partnership between Champion Health and CBT Clinics looks to change this.

Harry Bliss, CEO and co-founder of Champion Health commented on the agreement: “The partnership couldn’t come at a better time. By combining proactive workplace initiatives with effective psychological treatment, we’re making healthier easier for everyone.”

Harry continued to comment: “The seamless integration of Champion’s 360 approach to wellbeing and CBT Clinics’ award-winning services will make life-changing therapy easily-accessible to the employees that power our organisations.”

Antony Brown, President and Founder at CBT Clinics commented: “With the ever-growing challenges posed by COVID-19, it is essential for organisations to evolve quickly to engage their employees across multiple working environments. This partnership enables organisations to benefit from data-driven insights into the psychological health of their people, whether in the office or working remotely, to ensure early identification and access to preventive and highly effective psychological support”.

Antony commented further, “The high integrity and passion of both CBT Clinics and Champion Health, combining clinical excellence and digital innovation, was highly attractive in bringing this partnership proposition to market. This platform breaks new ground in delivering whole of workforce solutions which are highly valued by both employees and employers alike”.

The partnership between Champion Health and CBT Clinics provides businesses with the opportunity to integrate impactful solutions into their current wellbeing initiatives. The combination of personalised, data-driven solutions and quickly available psychological healthcare will allow for mental health issues to be prevented or quickly acted on. Businesses will be able to empower their employees to prioritise their wellbeing, leading to a happy and healthy workforce, and a thriving business.

Champion Health and CBT clinics are joining together to bring a proactive focus to employee wellbeing, to combine prevention and early intervention, and to optimise wellbeing initiatives across the board.

About Champion Health

Champion Health is a market-leading health and wellbeing solution provider, aiming to drive up employee engagement with wellbeing initiatives by making healthier, easier. They want to be proactive about health and wellbeing, by offering data-driven health and wellbeing solutions, tailored to each individual employee. Founded in 2018, the company draws on the expertise of over 55 health experts, to cover all areas of wellbeing.

About CBT Clinics

CBT Clinics are a UK-leading psychological healthcare provider, with a mission to “transform psychological healthcare…to give people the help they need, when they need it, how they want it…regardless of where they live.” They are eliminating waiting times for therapy by providing immediate access to over 2000 clinical experts throughout the UK and around the world.

Founded in 2003, the company’s services cover prevention to assessment, treatments and post treatment care. The clinician lead company has gained a strong reputation working with the personal injury, insurance (PMI) and corporate sectors.