For On Your Feet Britain we’d like you to meet Paralympian Amy Conroy.

Amy is a Champion Health Ambassador, who is helping us to fulfil our pledge to make all areas of wellbeing inclusive and accessible.

Amy has always loved sport.

But after losing her leg to cancer at the age of 12, Amy thought she’d never be able to play sport again.

However, everything changed when she watched Team GB’s wheelchair basketball team play on TV. She decided to give it a go.

When she started playing, Amy was terrible (her words not ours), but wheelchair basketball had her hooked. She practiced hard, late into the night on outdoor courts, with her Dad rebounding all of her missed shots.

Fast forward to today, and those people on TV that inspired Amy to play wheelchair basketball are now her teammates.

In the process of becoming an international athlete, Amy was able to fall back in love with sport all over again, and her wellbeing reaped the rewards of that.

“Once I found basketball, it really did, as cheesy as it sounds, change my life. It helped me just stop wishing to be normal, and kind of love myself the way I am.”

Amy’s now a double Paralympian and world silver medallist. She’s also looking forward to another crack at Olympic gold in Tokyo.

We’ve teamed up with Amy to develop a series of workouts that are accessible to people who use a wheelchair.

These workouts, led by Amy, include a Mood booster and a Full Body Workout.

And if any of you are at the beginning of your fitness journey, Amy’s got some advice for you:

“The advice I’d give people starting their fitness journey would just be – you’ve got to start somewhere. I was so daunted to get back to exercise after losing my leg – and I just thought I was going to be rubbish. I was very intimidated and spent a lot of time comparing myself to other people who always looked massive and like they knew what they were doing. It’s not about other people it’s just about you, and once you start seeing the little gains it really does become a buzz. So just stick with it, and adapt the sessions how you want to.”

While not everyone can get involved in On Your Feet Britain, we hope that everyone can find inspiration in Amy’s amazing journey.

And if you’re lucky enough to have the Champion platform, you can find her inclusive workouts inside.

As Amy says, “give it a load of energy, and get your sweat on!”